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 The Syndicate Merc/Emp/Spawn Policy

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Name : Jonathan
Registration date : 2005-12-23

PostSubject: The Syndicate Merc/Emp/Spawn Policy   Wed 26 Jul 12:07

Me and the Colonel have taken it upon ourselves to be democrats for a change. We are going to regulate the usage of Mercing, spawning, and empowering.

Rule #1.) Only use these FREELY on the days and hours following:
Monday 4pm-6pm EST
Wednesday 4pm-6pm EST
Friday 1pm-3pm EST

Rule #2.) When you are bored we want you to be in our server. This is why we give you merc emp and spawn. So when no one or a couple TS members that are bored are around and WANT to spawn merc or emp, then you can but if someone comes in you have to take it off unless he asks for merc/spawn/emp.... dont ask for him. He has to say "Can I have ___?"

Rule #3.) When all ->TS<- members are in server you can do this but you have to use it carefully. FFA3 is The san map Tatooine I believe, not sure. There is a clear Dueling Area in that case. If you shoot near a person dueling, they will deflect your bullet even though it isn't shooting them. So you are ruining their blocking. If you spawn, they can see that spawn and be interfered by it, but can't hit the spawn. And finally, empowering is annoying in the duel area because no one likes getting pushed and pulled. So use it moderately and wisely, in different areas of the map.

Beeve & Ani

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Name : Shawn Morin
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PostSubject: Re: The Syndicate Merc/Emp/Spawn Policy   Thu 27 Jul 11:34

Nice policy.
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The Syndicate Merc/Emp/Spawn Policy
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