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 Odysseus >.<

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Registration date : 2007-02-06

PostSubject: Odysseus >.<   Tue 6 Feb 19:40

In game name:Odysseus

*Real name:Cameron

Style/Stance:Mostly red


The name of the TS member who referred you: Beeve

How long have you been playing JKA:3-4 years i think

Why do you want to join The Syndicate:cus beeves in it lol, and i want to help ya'll

Do you have Xfire?: oneillballer409

List previous clans you have been in:=RJA=, =TE=, =}UoL{= (my favorite, that im still with but not JA nemore Sad ) and a couple others but not important enough to remember

What is your location? (country, state, and primary language): The sunny beaches of Florida, English

*What are your interests/hobbies:Basketball, pc games, football, cruising, beach, surfing, wakeboarding...

How active are you?:pretty active, depends if i like ya Very Happy lol

List any skills you could bring to The Syndicate ie skinning,mapping,modeling,or
modding:sry, im basically retarded in all of that.

What do you think your weaknesses in duels are?: patience, especially vs yellow, i dont like to wait....

Will you pledge loyalty to The Syndicate only(no dual clanning)?of course

Will you pledge the majority of your time to The Syndicate's clanserver?i hope so

Will you pledge to uphold our

hope to see ya guys on the server soon
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PostSubject: Re: Odysseus >.<   Wed 7 Feb 15:50

Ok, your application looks complete. The server should be available this Friday that will be 2/09/07. Welcome to the clan forums!

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PostSubject: Re: Odysseus >.<   Wed 7 Feb 18:59

ty Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Odysseus >.<   

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Odysseus >.<
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